Community and Empowerment 

As a local artisan-backed business, empowering communities is at the heart of everything we do at Candle House Ceylon. We aim to develop a shared understanding and build a sustainable community where all can thrive.

We conduct skill-based workshops in under-served areas of the country in partnership with various local authorities, development centres and non-profit organizations. By collaborating and working together, we’ve reached and served communities in far corners of the island.

Our workshops are dedicated to bringing forth and nurturing creativity and talent that lack opportunity and inspiration. By doing so, we hope to reduce poverty and social injustice and have young women and single mothers live with tolerance, dignity, and security.

The open environment we strive to create has met with such enthusiasm and eagerness that we believe are the core ingredients for a paradigm shift in communities battered with fewer opportunities. Through our workshops we’ve seen that every step taken together is a step meant to propel us forward.

The ripple effect of this intervention will benefit not only the direct beneficiaries and their families but also their communities and the nation at large.

Please email us with the subject "CHC Workshops" or contact us here for more information.

Our workshop in Kandy, Sri Lanka
Workshop conducted in Puttalam, Sri Lanka
Participants hard at work!