Step 1: 

Pour water 1/2 way in to wide shallow pan and heat on a stove.

Place your CHC candle container/s on the pan of water.

As the water heats up, the remaining wax in the bottom of the candle container will begin to soften. Poke the wax a bit at the edges of the container with the hand of a spoon or old butter knife and the wax will come right off!

*Don't forget to turn off the heat, as a little heat is sufficient to soften the wax easily. Use caution when handling the glass as it may become very hot.

Use a paper towel to wipe off any remaining wax bits from the glass container making sure to do so while the glass is still warm.

Voila! You have a clean, shiny glass that looks brand new! Wash it with warm, soapy water to get that extra shine on!

Step 2:

You can even use a hairdryer to heat the glass on the outside if there is only a little wax remaining inside the glass. The point is to soften the wax just a bit to swoop it right off the glass!