Community and Empowerment

We are a business driven by purpose to create social impact by nurturing creativity and talent. Empowering communities is at the heart of everything we do at Candle House Ceylon. Our business comprises of a small team of women who come from low-income households and this makes it even more important to empower, encourage and nurture their growth. We aim to develop a shared understanding and build a sustainable community where all can thrive.
We conduct skill-based workshops in under-served areas of the country in partnership with various local authorities, development centres and non-profit organizations. These workshops are designed to nurture creativity and skills and perhaps more importantly, to inspire and bring back hope to women and girls in communities that lack the things we take for granted. 

Our primary aim is not just to upskill rural women in candle-making but to mentor them more broadly to support them access to opportunities and resources to participate equally in society to become self-reliant, independent individuals who benefit from their own earnings. We hope to reduce poverty and social injustice and have young women and single mothers live with tolerance, dignity, and security.

The open environment we strive to create has met with such enthusiasm and eagerness that we believe are the core ingredients for a paradigm shift in communities battered with fewer opportunities.
Through our workshops we’ve seen that every step taken together is a step meant to propel us forward.

The ripple effect of this intervention will benefit not only the direct beneficiaries and their families but also their communities and the nation at large.

Please email us with the subject “CHC Workshops” or contact us here for more information.

Light a Home- Candle Donation Drive

Due to the economic crisis prevailing in Sri Lanka, Candle House Ceylon initiated a candle donation campaign using excess candle wax from our production to distribute to low-income families in our communities. This was a decision we made as a result of the sometimes day-long power outages that has affected the entire nation. It has disrupted the lives and activities of families, in particular children who are unable to study or do their homework in the evenings. Candles are also increasingly in short supply as supply cannot meet the demand and there is a shortage in the market. We hope that these candles cast light and hope during these difficult times and brings relief to some of the struggling communities in Sri Lanka.